Martin Cahn

Martin Cahn, Histon & Impington and Orchard Park Lib Dems

Martin has lived with his family in the area since 2008, following 16 years living in France, Belgium and Poland. He is active in the village and has been a member of IVC parents association for 7 years. As a qualified planner, Martin is channelling his energies and professional experience into campaigning on local and national issues.

Following his Ph.D in ecological genetics, Martin worked as a local authority ecologist and countryside team manager for 20 years, followed by 12 years working with European local authorities on sustainable energy projects.

Martin is keen to keep our village green, vibrant and international, protecting the natural environment and heritage that local people value. Planning pressures are intense on the fringe of Cambridge and we will need to be ever vigilant while protecting the knowledge economy and services which we need.

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